Production Planning Software System

The economy of a production unit is tied on how the its industrial data is gathered and managed. This is the case especially in petroleum industry. As the profit and loss of any production plant depends on production parameters. The most important incoming parameters are the amount of feed, utilities like electricity, steam and fuel and outgoing parameters such as the quantity of products. Meanwhile the costs of product overhead, export and logistics have an important effect on the profit margin of the plant. It is also required to consider the commitment of the plant to product certain quantity of a good or receive a specific amount of feed regardless of its effect on the overall profit. It is obvious that considering all these factors and taking their trade-off into account is a complex issue. Solving these multi variable problem and finding the optimized mix of products requires having a deep knowledge of the product processes and industrial accounting. Based on this complex situation, sale engineers must suggest a product plan for next month to the operation section to maximize the net profit.

The decisions to decide on the quantity of feed and products could be taken more effectively by utilizing a software system that helps with the computation of all these variables and prediction of all scenarios. If you are looking for a complete solution on management of the basket of products, Product Planning System software is made for you. This is a decision support software which helps make the most important business objective of the plants come true: that is maximizing the profit.

Using this software solution, sale engineers can take the essential decisions of the enterprise more confidently and accurately minimizing the risks of wrong decisions. According to practical cases implementing the suggested decisions of this software system has increased the profit of the plants between 5 to 30 percent. More importantly it prevents sale engineers from taking wrong decisions which may lead to loss. So, having such a crucial software system is a must-have for any production complex.

The IYI Co. has developed a fully web-based software system to address these issues.

IYI Production Planning Software

The Production Planning Software, PPS, is an administrative software solution to maximize the final benefit of the plant. To achieve its objectives, PPS answers these questions:

  1. - Which products should be produced for next production period?
  2. - How much the break-even price of products should be?
  3. - What mixture of production and sales of goods would maximize net profit?
  4. - Receiving feeds from which source(s) would maximize the profit? The software finds the answer considering the different quality of feeds since they might have been received from distinc sources.
  5. - Which processing units should be stopped from production and which one should be kept in service?
  6. - Which process unit should produce goods with its maximum capacity or higher?
  7. - What would be the effect of different decisions on company’s profit or loss?
  8. - Production and sales of which one of the intermediate products or blended products would result in higher profits?

All these questions are answered when you have the required data for different production scenarios. Having the price prediction of feeds and products, currency exchange rate, plant overall costs and available prices in the Platts magazine the software suggest you the best scenarios.

Final profit or loss of the complex for upcoming production period will be predicted with respect to different production and sales situations. So, according to the market status, the conditions of feeds and processing units, the managers can take the best decisions to maximize the profit of the complex.

Other outputs of the software involve the analyze of the basket of products, profit or loss of sales, revenue of sale, the cost of feeds, the prime cost of production, profit and loss of different scenarios, feeds analyses, all financial parameters of the complex, tons-dollar values of different possible decisions, break-even prices and various managerial charts and graphical reports. By means of perfect table-based managerial reports, top management of the palnt could see at a glance a variety of information on production, sales, price, and cost.

Technical Specification

All of tools and structures used in the software including database, integrated development environment, programming languages and so, are open-source. So, no license is needed. The software runs with minimum hardware resources. It is fully web-based. Python and JavaScript are used at the backend, HTML and CSS are used at the frontend part of the system. It enjoys the PostgreSQL as its database engine.

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