Who we are?

Ipek Yadegar Ilyad as a startup software company was founded on 21 December 2020. The main purpose of the founders was to establish a knowledge-based institute to offer software solutions for industrial needs. Our focus is on oil, gas, and petrochemical industry but we will welcome related projects from other industries. A usual problem with current software solutions for petroleum companies is the generality of them. Most software applications are developed for commercial purposes and to meet the requirements of all types of companies regardless of their special processes. No matter if the company is industrial or non-industrial. Most software developers do not care if their customers are producing goods or services. This might be due to lack of qualified experts in software producing companies who should be competent in industrial processes as well. As a results when an industrial company purchases a software product, it must adapt its working processes with the capabilities of that software application. This may lead to rejection of the application by users and employees, imposing a huge burden of cost to the purchaser. To avoid this problem, it is required to analyze the very special requirements of any organizational costumer and develop the software exactly based on the business needs of that organization. To address this issue, the knowledge based Ipek Yadegar Ilyad company, the IYI was founded by a team of people with both academic background and petroleum industry experienced experts. Being aware of the differences between business processes of various factories, their organizational culture and technical literature, we are ready to design, implement and make operational our tailor-made software solutions to meet different business needs.